Festa das Cruzes 2023: change of Opening hours

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Município de Barcelos/Direitos reservados
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Festa das Cruzes is an important moment in the city of Barcelos.

During this festive moment, the opening hours of our agency will change. We remind you that all business will remain ongoing. If you wish, you can also reschedule your visit by calling +351 253 825 600. You can also contact us through our social networks or by email [email protected].

  • April 25th
  • April 26th to April 28th
    09h30 > 13h // 14h30 > 19h
  • April 29th
    09h30 > 13h
  • May 1st
  • May 2nd
  • May 3rd

From April 28th to May 3rd, visit Barcelos!

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